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Custom Plastic Extrusion Capabilities

Preferred Plastics is an industry-leading custom plastic extrusion manufacturer offering turnkey extrusion capabilities and finishing services. Over the past 40 years, we have earned a global reputation for extruding high-quality plastic parts to the most exacting specifications. Our innovative extruding capabilities are supported by superior customer service and a commitment to producing parts that meet the highest quality standards and are delivered on time and on budget.

Our Capabilities:

  • Profile extrusions – custom shapes and sizes to meet the requirements for a wide range of industries and applications
  • Tube extrusions – custom tube profiles for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications
  • Co-extrusions – using two or more resins to manufacture parts that meet exacting performance requirements
  • Crosshead extrusions – providing reinforcement for the part or encapsulation of metal pieces within the extrusion

Custom Plastic Extrusion Capabilities


Composite windows, vinyl fencing, and freezer gaskets are all examples of the wide variety of products that are produced using our high-volume plastic extrusion manufacturing capabilities.

Plastic extrusion is continuous and capable of high volume output, making it a more economical plastics manufacturing method than other processes. In addition, tooling costs are relatively low.

Plastic extrusion works particularly well for the production of plastic parts that have consistent wall thicknesses, and for profiles that are wider and longer than those produced by other types of manufacturing. Plastic films, bags, piping, tubing, rods, weather stripping, and deck railing are just a few of the many products that are within our custom plastic extrusion capabilities.

Custom PVC Plastic Tubing and More

We have the capabilities to extrude your product using a wide range of thermoplastic materials, including specialty compounds, from PVC and ABS to TPE and Polypropylene. We also provide custom PVC plastic tubing and custom PVC pipe and much more.

Turnkey Extrusion and Finishing Services

At Preferred Plastics, a key component of our turnkey extrusion capabilities and finishing services is our dedicated customer service support from your initial call through delivery of your finished product. We work with you to ensure that your part’s tooling and engineering are accurate before manufacturing begins. Our two manufacturing facilities are fully equipped with the latest extruding equipment and technologies to provide us with the capabilities to custom manufacture your part to exact requirements. In addition, we utilize sustainable, environmentally-responsible manufacturing practices, to minimize waste and maximize energy efficiency in our manufacturing.

Our custom plastic extrusion services include custom part configurations such as metal on the inside, cloth on the outside, multi-colored profiles, dual durometers, textured surfaces, and other configurations. We offer complete finishing services so that you can be assured that your part will be delivered to you production-ready and on time.

Our quality control processes include physical testing during and after production. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Preferred Plastics is committed to manufacturing high-quality plastic parts that meet your expectations, and are delivered on time and on budget – all supported by superior customer service. We understand that the components and parts we deliver you are critical to the performance of your finished products and that the quality of our products impacts the quality of your products – and that it’s your reputation on the line. It’s that commitment that keeps our customers coming back.

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