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Color Matching: Plastic In Any Color

Whether on the manufacturing floor or a retail store shelf, the color of a plastic product is critical. It’s the first thing a prospective customer sees, and the right choice sets you apart.

Improve the viability of your plastic parts with precision color-matching services from Preferred Plastics. As a top custom plastics extruder, we merge the craft of color with the study of plastics to develop your perfect color match.

plastic color matching

The Color-Matching Process

Color matching is performed to find the desired color of a plastic product or part. This process enables engineers to develop a particular color concentrate for the application.

A chip, plaque, or Pantone number provides a rough idea of the preferred hue, and information about the specific polymer being used helps determine the color concentrate formulation. Our engineers adjust the recipe until they obtain an acceptable color match.

The color-matching process is fast and straightforward. It offers a range of benefits, which include:

  • Reduces color development time
  • Gets products to market faster
  • Customizes branding and recognition
  • Accomplishes consistent run-to-run quality and colorant properties
  • Decreases color-matching costs
  • Eliminates excess or expired colorant inventory

Finding Your Color

    • Color is essential to the successful branding and marketing of a product because it directly impacts a customer’s decision making. Colors are more than just a visual aid, as they convey emotions, feelings, and experiences.
    • Preferred Plastics understands that when it comes to coloring plastics, specific formulations work better with certain resins, processes, and equipment. Our experts work with your team to design the perfect formulation for your resin and color mix using concentrates, dry color blends, or liquid colorants.
    • We are known worldwide for meeting demanding specifications and delivering high-quality parts. Supported by superior customer service, our experienced engineering and production staffs are experts in the industries they serve and the colors they use. Applications that can benefit from our color-matching services include:
      • Automotive
      • Construction
      • Manufacturing
      • Household appliance
      • Point-of-purchase display
      • Furniture
      • Sporting goods
      • Marine

While the final colorant decision is yours to control, Preferred Plastics can advise which colors work best for specific situations. Our team can pinpoint the ideal materials and colors for your product, ensuring you get the perfect match.

Contact us for more information about our color-matching process.

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