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Plastics: As Planet-Friendly as they are Prolific

There seems to be a common misconception among Americans that plastics are not environmentally friendly. The thinking often goes that since they are made from fossil fuels, they can’t be good. However, the reality is quite different. In fact, plastic products save more energy than it uses to make…

Plastics and the Green Building Revolution

After a few tough years in the home and commercial construction industry, it seems that we are in the middle of the rebirth. According to this report, new housing projects in June 2013 were 10.4% higher than during the same…

America’s Auto Industry: Back and Better than Ever

As the American manufacturing industry is making a major rebound, helping the economy grow, consumer confidence is up and constantly gaining. In general, people are hiring more and spending more. One of the industries leading all of this is the automotive industry. According to

Shipping is Going Global

Recently, we have heard so much news about the trend of reshoring emerging in American manufacturing—the idea of companies bringing manufacturing back to the United States from foreign countries, so that there is pride in “Made in the USA.” But what about the opposite effect? American companies…

Choosing the Just-Right Supplier

You’ve sent your drawings and RFQ out for bid, and several quotations are sitting on your desk for review. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the lowest price option. But as we all know, low price does not always imply good value. How well do you know the vendor who’s offering you this great deal?…

Make No Assumptions — Packaging Shipping and Storage are Important

Make No Assumptions — Packaging Shipping and Storage are Important

A lot of hard work went into your part design, and now it’s time to get it manufactured! You’ve sent out your drawing and RFQ, honed in on a vendor, and negotiated pricing. Everything is all set and ready to go, right? Not so fast! Have you done your packaging homework? As the final part of the…

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