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Why Plastic Bags Shouldn't Be Banned

Whether in a supermarket, department store, or restaurant, when it comes to carrying items, there has been one constant staple over the years: plastic bags. Recently, plastic bags have received a lot of negative attention, due to the fact that there is a misconception about the negative environmental…

Preferred Plastics Custom Extrusions: Meeting Any and All Needs and Applications

The quality of your products is crucial to your success, and we know that. It’s equally important that you stay ahead of the competition, maintaining the best position in the market. We understand that as well.

Through our superior custom extrusions, our clients achieve this, receiving the…

The World-Changing History of Plastics

The World-Changing History of Plastics

What do hair combs, Barbie Dolls, car interiors, jet engine parts, and the first American flag to be planted on the moon have in common? All are made from plastics.

Of course there are myriad of other products that fill both our history and our daily lives that are made from plastics—too…

Reshoring in the Plastics Industry

You’ve most likely heard a great deal about reshoring and manufacturing by now; it’s a buzzword and a popular trend, for good reason.

In fact, when the founder of The Reshoring Initiative, whose mission is to “bring good, well-paying manufacturing…

Automation and Plastics Extrusion

Automation and Plastics Extrusion

Automation is one of the fastest upward trends in manufacturing today, from advancements in materials and machinery to robotics and 3D printing. Technology in this area has progressed considerably in a relatively short amount of time. Companies of all sizes are relying on it to keep production up,…

The Bioplastics Movement

As the world becomes more concerned about the environment, we are starting to look at plastics in a different light. Our businesses and homes rely heavily on plastics, and it is no wonder, as it is the perfect material for almost every situation. That is why scientists are working so hard to find…

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