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  • ABS: An All-Around Choice for Prototypes & Parts Manufacturing

ABS: An All-Around Choice for Prototypes & Parts Manufacturing

Extruded plastics are an indispensible part of modern life, and many of the plastic products you use on a daily basis are made of a thermoplastic polymer called ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). If you have played golf, stored parts in a plastic bin, or helped a child construct a LEGO castle, you have handled products made with ABS thermoplastics.

Standard ABS is widely used in the manufacture of plumbing and construction materials, sporting goods, auto trim, toys, and appliances. It can also be custom formulated for use in a wide range of applications—from furniture manufacturing to signage and point-of-purchase products.

ABS Is a Versatile Option for Modern Manufacturing

ABS is notable for its moderate cost and the many desirable characteristics that make it a good fit for molded and extruded plastic products. It is lightweight, yet strong and rigid, and has good impact resistance at both high and low temperatures.

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ABS is also easy to machine, mold, and fabricate, and is recognized for a long list of features and advantages:

  • Ability to hold dimension
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Electrical insulation properties
  • Heat, chemical, moisture & abrasion resistance
  • Stability under load
  • Gluing, painting or electroplating performance
  • Colors & high- or low-gloss formulations
  • Easy & inexpensive recycling

A Good Choice for Plastic Extrusion

Because of its structural strength, dimensional stability, and versatility in fabrication, ABS is a wise choice for extrusion 3D prototype printing and for production of a variety of extruded plastic products.

For the convenience of our industry partners, Preferred Plastics keeps a broad inventory of ABS compounds on hand. Our knowledgeable team of plastics experts stands ready to help you choose the right formulation for your extrusion or manufacturing needs, and our service and follow-through is unparalleled.

To request an estimate for your ABS extrusion project, or to speak with a team member about the advantages of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene formulations, dial 269-685-5873 or inquire online. We look forward to sharing the advantages ABS and Preferred Plastics can bring to your next project!

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