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In order to be considered a leader in your industry you must obviously stay at the forefront of technology, and the extrusion market is no different. Preferred Plastics keeps up with state-of-the-art processing techniques and raw material advancements with constant research and development of new custom products. A strong focus on technology, from processing, to tooling design, to material selection, will ensure customers receive products that not only meet their expectations, but exceed them.

Beyond traditional single material-designed products, our extrusion processes allow the customer’s product design to be made from multiple materials. We also offer processes to meet specific appearance requirements and fabrication techniques that reduce cost by eliminating assembly and improve functionality.

Extrusion Technology

Preferred is considered one of the top profile extruders in the nation, and we attribute this to our knowledge and creation of a wide range of extrusions:

  • Single Extrusion – Profiles designed using a single thermoplastic material.
  • Dual Extrusion – Profiles combining two materials into a single part.
  • Tri-Extrusion – Profiles combining three materials into a single part.
  • Cellular or “Foamed” Extrusion – Profiles produced using a foaming agent to lower density.
  • Post Formed Extrusion – Profiles extruded flat and then post formed through calibration tooling.
  • Embedded Extrusion – Embedding metal, wire, or the like within a profile for a multitude of applications.

Appearance Technology

Preferred’s process technologies enhance your extrusion by matching color, gloss and overall surface appearance to other materials being used in your end product. We have many options available to give you the look you require:

  • Custom color matching
  • Gloss matching
  • Embossing/texturing
  • Laminating
  • Metallic compounds
  • Top coats

Fabrication Technology

To offer further cost saving solutions, Preferred has many fabrication operations that can be performed to eliminate costly secondary operations at your facility:

  • Cutting to length
  • Punching
  • Notching
  • Milling
  • Printing
  • Tape application
  • Labeling
  • Heat welding
  • Glue and primer application
  • Customer packaging
  • Sub assembly.

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