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Every Job Starts with a Quotation

When you invite Preferred Plastics to quote on a job, we commit to utilizing our experience and expertise to provide you with a high value product that will help you achieve your goals. We will carefully listen to your needs, and might have to ask you a few questions — it’s our way of making sure we understand your requirements so we can deliver the best possible outcome.

How does the process work? After speaking with you, our sales rep will request a drawing or sample part, then complete the RFQ form we use internally to evaluate a project. As an ISO 9001 certified facility, a team feasibility study is the first order of business. Do we have the equipment, knowledge, and capacity to manufacture the part according to your specification? Yes! So next comes some analysis and number crunching. What information is most useful?

multi color extrusion

Customer Drawing: Having specific dimensions allows us to calculate part area and weight for calculating material needs, while dimensional tolerances help determine how elaborate the tooling requirements are. Critical dimensions, such as on mated parts, can have an influence on tooling requirements.

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Part Material and Function: Material selection is a major consideration in terms of part cost and feasibility. We will evaluate your performance specifications, and can help you choose the best material based on the parts function and the environment in which it will be used. Many factors, such as durometer, UV resistance, impact rating, and even color, will influence the price.

Annual Volume/Purchase Quantity: Multiplying per-part weight by the annual volume of parts gives an indication of yearly material use and influences our purchasing power. The number of units per order affects how set-up costs are allocated and how often material must be purchased.

Length: Tight tolerance on part length may require secondary operation. Long parts may need special packaging.

What else is important for us to know? Anything you can tell us! The more information we have, the better we can achieve our goal to consistently deliver a high quality product at a very reasonable price. And you’ll never have to wait more than 3-5 days to find out how much!

Custom Plastic Extrusion Capabilities

Preferred Plastics is an industry-leading custom plastics extruder offering turnkey extrusion and finishing services. Over the past 40 years, we have earned a global reputation for extruding high quality plastic parts to the most exacting specifications. Our innovative extruding processes are supported by superior customer service and a commitment to producing parts that meet the highest quality standards and are delivered on time and on budget. Contact us today!

We offer:

  • Profile extrusions – custom shapes and sizes to meet the requirements for a wide range of industries and applications
  • Tube extrusions – custom tube profiles for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications
  • Co-extrusions – using two or more resins to manufacture parts that meet exacting performance requirements
  • Crosshead extrusions – providing reinforcement for the part or encapsulation of metal pieces within the extrusion


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