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Why PVC For Your Next Extrusion

Polyvinyl chloride (also known as vinyl or PVC) is a very versatile thermoplastic that is utilized in the production of lots of products that consumers encounter in everyday life and many more that are encountered less frequently, but are nevertheless very important in appliance, building and construction, electronics, healthcare, packaging, transportation, and other applications.  It finds widespread use in these applications because of its low cost and desirable physical and mechanical properties.

Why PVC For Your Next Extrusion

From an extrusion standpoint, PVC’s processing nature allows for tighter tolerances, more intricate part cross-sections, increased stability when running hollow profiles, and in many cases increased production rates.  There are several options for tooling PVC extrusions depending on the volume of the project, the tolerances required, or the customer’s budget.  Some PVC extrusions can easily be processed in air on cooling plates, but others might require more sophisticated calibration techniques in and out of water.

PVC is fabricated efficiently into a large range of both rigid and flexible products.  Many companies have great success drilling, punching, notching, bending, stretching, milling, graining, and painting PVC.  It is also known for having inherent flame resistance, and is targeted for use in products that require this measure of safety.  It really is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications.

Polyvinyl chloride has historically shown the capacity for stable economical pricing, which makes it a great value for the physical properties it provides.  Substitutes for PVC materials are available, but often the alternative materials, and their processes, are not as efficient or cost effective.  Consider making PVC a part of your next extrusion requirement, and think of Preferred Plastics as your PVC extrusion experts.

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