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Choosing the Just-Right Supplier

You’ve sent your drawings and RFQ out for bid, and several quotations are sitting on your desk for review. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the lowest price option. But as we all know, low price does not always imply good value. How well do you know the vendor who’s offering you this great deal? It’s time to put on your interviewer’s hat and ask a few questions. What are some of the factors…

Make No Assumptions — Packaging Shipping and Storage are Important

A lot of hard work went into your part design, and now it’s time to get it manufactured! You’ve sent out your drawing and RFQ, honed in on a vendor, and negotiated pricing. Everything is all set and ready to go, right? Not so fast! Have you done your packaging homework? As the final part of the manufacturing process, how the product will be packaged is often overlooked until the end. Defining…


In order to be considered a leader in your industry you must obviously stay at the forefront of technology, and the extrusion market is no different. Preferred Plastics keeps up with state-of-the-art processing techniques and raw material advancements with constant research and development of new custom products. A strong focus on technology, from processing, to tooling design, to material selection,…

Every Job Starts with a Quotation

When you invite Preferred Plastics to quote on a job, we commit to utilizing our experience and expertise to provide you with a high value product that will help you achieve your goals. We will carefully listen to your needs, and might have to ask you a few questions — it’s our way of making sure we understand your requirements so we can deliver the best possible outcome.

How does the…

Don't count out Plastics in Sustainability

Is there sustainability in plastics?

This seems to be a common question throughout industry today. As the need for green materials grows in commercial construction and other industries, and organizations such as LEED and MBDC are promoting tax incentive opportunities and “green points” for those who utilize sustainable materials in applications, companies are increasingly looking for…

Tooling for Plastics Extrusions Lesson 102

In this second of our ‘educational’ blogs we introduce the subject of tooling. When asked what the word “tooling” means in the context of the plastic extrusion process, there is a two-part answer. Part one is the die, which is used to shape the cross-section of the profile as the plastic is extruded. If you have ever played with a Play-doh machine or own a pasta maker, you are already familiar…

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