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Automation and Plastics Extrusion

Automation is one of the fastest upward trends in manufacturing today, from advancements in materials and machinery to robotics and 3D printing. Technology in this area has progressed considerably in a relatively short amount of time. Companies of all sizes are relying on it to keep production up, costs down, and quality consistent. It’s also one of the reasons why American manufacturing, as a…

The Bioplastics Movement

As the world becomes more concerned about the environment, we are starting to look at plastics in a different light. Our businesses and homes rely heavily on plastics, and it is no wonder, as it is the perfect material for almost every situation. That is why scientists are working so hard to find a way to make plastics more “Green”. One promising alternative is bioplastics.

First introduced…

Our Current View of 3D Printing

Preferred Plastics has worked throughout its many years in business to be at the forefront of technology and design. We understand that our customer’s concepts are important and we spend in-depth time and energy so that our tool designs and engineering are done with care and strategy in mind.

With that regard, we have been watching both the initial hype and now the progression of 3D printing…

The Advantages of Plastics in Automotives

Plastics are known to reduce costs and boost efficiency in a number of industries, with their countless applications and advantages. One of the industries that continues to be aided by the use of plastics—and by the consistent innovations—is the auto industry.

According to the latest…

Plastics in Medicine: Built-In Disease Prevention

In many industries, from automotives to agriculture, plastics are consistently proving to be an advantageous material and are presenting new solutions to common problems. From energy efficiency and better environmental practices to lowering costs, innovations in the plastics industry are changing industries for the better.

The healthcare industry is one example. As hospitals and doctor’s…

Viewing the New LEED Policy Positively

There has been a lot of talk recently about the best ways to incorporate sustainability into the manufacturing industry. As the talk has spread to the building and construction industries, it should come as no surprise that plastics have also been a part of the conversation. Here are a few thoughts on a controversy that is swirling through the world of plastics manufacturing right now concerning…

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