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Why Plastic Bags Shouldn't be Banned

Whether in a supermarket, department store, or restaurant, when it comes to carrying items, there has been one constant staple over the years: plastic bags. Recently, plastic bags have received a lot of negative attention, due to the fact that there is a conception about the negative environmental impact plastic bags carry. However, we want to combat that theory—are bags made of other materials really more sustainable than plastics?

If you were to examine the manufacturing process behind these bags, you would find that there is a much smaller carbon footprint in the production of plastic bags than there is in the production of paper bags. What about reusable bags? These totes are typically made of a more dense plastic material that is more durable. It’s true that in the past, we as a society did not properly recycle, especially when it came to plastic materials. Now that we are more environmentally-conscious, we are better using technology to break down plastics, so they can now be used in other products. In fact, if recycled appropriately in compactors, plastic bags can be broken down and then utilized in decking or playground equipment, among other items.[1]

What is Plastic Extrusion?

Composite windows, vinyl fencing, and freezer gaskets are all examples of the wide variety of products that are produced using the high-volume plastic extrusion manufacturing process. Plastic extrusion is continuous and capable of high volume output, making it a more economical plastics manufacturing method than other processes. In addition, tooling costs are relatively low.


According to a recent Reason Foundation study, banning plastic bags won’t necessarily help save the environment. In fact, banning a widespread use of plastic bags will then increase the use of water in bag production and increase oil and other non-renewable energy resources, while not greatly decreasing the amount of waste.[2]

The more we look into the ban of plastic bags, the more we see that how plastic bags don’t hold all of the negative environmental characteristics as once thought. In fact, in the long run, who’s to say that plastic bags aren’t more sustainable than other options out there?

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